Friday, February 25, 2011

A Clay Film Festival in the Works?

I'm finally down in Florida taking a little vacation this week.  It's really beautiful here in St. Augustine right now, but as luck would have it, we're not escaping any winter weather back home.  It is spring-like back in the mountains and I hear all my friends are outside getting those gardens ready.  Still, to be laying on a warm beach in's divine.

The only clay news I have this week is a discussion I had online with Ayumi Horie on Facebook relating to the idea of  hosting an online Clay Film Festival.  This idea is merely in the germination phase, but the more I think about it, the better it sounds.  I mean,  there is so much creative documentation being done in clay studios these days, I think an annual people's showcase for this work complete with sponsored prizes and such would be awesome.  When it comes to making films on craft, my personal preference are those that go beyond documenting process and somehow capture an artist's spirit behind a process. My best example for this is a film that my Nova Scotian friend, Catherine Busierre, made recently about Rug Hooking.  If you never thought you could be moved to tears by a film on rug hooking (and inspired to get back in that pottery studio to create), you've got to watch this film.  We showed it during set break at a Duckpond concert last year and it was a big hit with potters and non-potters alike.  Also, be sure to check out Ayumi's very artfully done short film documenting her process of "dry throwing".  In the First Annual North American Clay Film Festival's "process" category, I think she's got a real contender.

......Here's Catherine's Film:


......And don't forget Ayumi's Film:


  1. spring time? like a dream that you know will happen... florida? shorts and a t-shirt??? i can't wait for some good weather!

    cool idea about the ceramic film thing.

  2. I sure am glad ya'll are having fun!!!

  3. i want to hook rugs...

    (79 and sunny in south La. Azaleas should be blooming in a week or two)

  4. Hi, so is there going to be a clay film festival? I LOVE this idea and would love to submit/be involved - I am in Australia and just saw this post-so...probably a little late, but wondering!